Melody Foster

photography | videography | creative consulting

I've been working under the moniker "Sweet Light Imaging" for over a decade now. "Sweet light" depicts the moments during sunset and sunrise that settle in with a hazy, golden glow. I have an obsession with light — the way it infuses richness and deep feeling. Works of mine reflect this distinct signature.

Inspired by natural light, I blend timeless, classic style and the flavor of modern trends into a relaxed and relevant composition.

My degree is in Digital Cinema and Film from the University of South Alabama. For the past ten years I have gained hands-on experience in the industry — from being prop master for a feature film, to designing a website for a celebrity baker, to cultivating photo and video projects with dozens of diverse clients, including family and wedding photography. I thrive on seeing the practical aspects of my work fleshed out from concept to completion. And I love working with young creatives, helping them get past the technical bits to find a voice.

As a little girl I borrowed my dad’s camcorder and made videos with the neighborhood children, usually starring my brothers. In high school I was the girl on yearbook staff who was never without a camera. When I turned 18 my parents gave me a Fujifilm camera that shot both photo and video. That summer after graduation I immediately started shooting weddings, portraits, adventure sessions, and anything I could. I poured myself into studying techniques of creatives I admired. 

When it came time to pick a degree path I struggled to find a direction, not realizing it was staring me in the face. My father is a worship leader and my family has always had roots deep in musicianship. After two years of studying in worship leadership and formal vocal training at the University of Mobile I was having the time of my life — but I did not feel settled. Then I had a life-changing summer. I got a job overseeing props for a local film company. We travelled all over the Gulf Coast shooting a movie and I was in the thick of it, gaining more responsibilities as the summer progressed. That fall I transferred schools and began pursuing a degree in filmmaking. By the end of senior year I was directing short film crews and editing our work. I soon realized I preferred to use my musical skills in other ways — most often paired with the powerful medium of video. Music fuels and stokes my creativity. It often drives my storytelling, picking out a song before I ever begin an edit.

Today, I adore my day job as Media Coordinator for The Church at Brook Hills. As part of the creative team, I take care of the in-house video production, worship gathering broadcasts, manage the video crew, and head up the photographic projects. And it combines purposeful, gospel-centered work with the creative skills God has allowed me to cultivate. At Brook Hills my favorite days are production days — behind the camera, on location getting my hands dirty, and telling someone’s story.

I would love to partner with you on your next project. My home is just outside Birmingham, Alabama, but I will travel anywhere. Drop me a line and let's grab coffee. 

Rates are provided on a case-by-case basis.

A few personal notes: My husband Luke and I were married in November of 2018 and I’m finding so much joy in curating a home for us and discovering a new equilibrium. I feel most like myself listening to music and taking long walks or drives in nature. Preparedness, curiosity, and learning are huge to me right now. Much of my time these days is spent planning my next adventure/project or creating something delicious to eat.