Rock the Block Series

The Brook Hills Worship team came to me with an idea a few weeks ago. Could we pull off recording three lyric videos and a tutorial in - like - 48 hours?

It was super fun to partner with these guys in creating a resource for our Rock the Block ministries. They’ll be sent out to Rock the Block leaders who put on Brook Hills’ version of Backyard Bible Clubs. The lyric videos will act as singalongs for kids at each RTB setting and the tutorials break down the hand motions so leaders can teach the kids.

Here is the Vimeo showcase link that was sent out to leaders. I love how Vimeo offers this as a clean delivery platform.

Update: I hear that these are currently being used all over Birmingham and beyond!

Lessons learned:

  1. The kids in the lyric videos had a just a couple of practice runs with the motions before they went live. Props to their quick learning! You’ll see in “Found by Jesus” that they are beginning to get tired and hot. Next time I’d love to have enough time to do a thorough indoor teaching session before production day. That would have allowed us to pick the kids with the best motions to be in the front and it would have increased the synchronization of their motions throughout.

  2. Audio in the tutorial video isn’t great. The tutorial was a last-minute addition to our project and in retrospect I would have put a wireless lav on Tiffany (instead of a hotshoe shotgun) so her audio remained crisp when she stepped back.

  3. I wish I had gotten more closeup b-roll. Part of my plan was to capture closeups of the beach balls, feet in the grass, etc. but time ran out. A second day for pickups with one or two kids would have allowed for this. Next time.

This is me being super picky - but I know staring those issues in the face is what takes it to the next level. I can already see a lot of progress with working under time crunches and stress but I know that is an area where growth is needed as well. Can’t wait for more opportunities to stretch my skills and potential. Let’s see what comes next!