Small Groups & Connect Sunday

Every fall Brook Hills designates a Sunday for small groups to kick back up after summer break. We call it “Connect Sunday” and reiterate the importance of getting plugged into a small group. The need for smaller community is even more pronounced in a large church family such as ours (approx. 2500 regular Sunday attendance last I heard). This video rolled at the end of the gatherings yesterday. It will also have a home on our small groups web page.

In this season of life (busy newlyweds both working for ministries) it has been difficult for Luke and me to invest time in a small group. There was a clip (which didn’t make this short edit) from the Nortons who spoke on the struggle of small group for introverts. As an introvert myself it’s far too easy to hide behind the camera and church staff responsibilities so much that I shirk community indefinitely. And if you’ve ever been burned by fellow believers you’ll be nodding your head as I say that—sadly—trusting church community can be a daunting prospect for many of us. So, it was important for me personally to hear stories on positive church community during the hours I spent filming and editing this video. Many folks have spoken out about how it impacted them and I’m grateful for that feedback.