The most-loved video pieces I've produced over the last few years.

Below are five intro videos for a sermon series at Brook Hills. All except the first installment are voiced by the man or woman whose life verse inspired the sermon. Each video is around one minute long. They played in worship gatherings immediately before the sermon.

After I had been producing these for five straight weeks, many people began asking for them on a regular basis. These “bumpers” as we call them are so much fun to create!

The “First Things First” launch video is one of my favorite projects to date. I saw it morph from a Comm Team brainstorming session, to a shoot in my living room, to the final cinematic piece I had envisioned. I loved creating the foley (sound effects) and dubbing them over the video. Can’t tell you how many times I had him rip cardboard, spin the helicopter blades, or dump out LEGOs to get the perfect sound.

You’ll see a similar theme with the two following bumpers - one in a coffee shop and one with carpentry.